Crown of nature

31 May


Trees are the essence of life

We can say them Nature’s wife

Protect them from presence of Knife

Trees are beautiful creature

Green dresses of lovely nature

Purify the breathing air

To cut them is not fair

Dewdrops look like pearls

Jewels of like pretty girls

Trees are the holy kings

Bird’s temple to spread wings

Trees have so many roles

Offer shelter in their holes

Trees are beautiful actors

Impart beauty, herbs & nectar

Trees how much you care

Offer so many daily wares

Not only give they shade

Also offer many trades

Trees provide fruits ripe

Without trees no life

Trees have all noble aims

No word in dictionary to praise

Not selfish, not want fame

Giveness is the only aim

For monkeys a sport device

Funny jumps look very nice

More trees more rain

A good rain brings more grain

Make country wealthy queen

Oblige them making surroundings green.



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thank you.

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