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(बिछड़े) कभी न आन मिले!

बरसी मनाके हम तो भूल जायेंगे।

खोने वाले कभी क्या भूल पायेंगे ?

इम्तिहान ऐ जिंदगी जब आजमायेंगे।

कैसे देश गीत ये, कैसे देश प्रीत ये ?

विरासत -सियासत मे , ये पनपायेंगे ?

टूट टूट जायेंगे, ये घुट घुट जायेंगे।

स्मारक -समाधि पे शायद ये आ जायेंगे।

घुटन व टुटन से कैसे रिहाई ये पायेंगे ?

बिछड़े कभी भी नाही आन मिले ।

तिरंगे में लिपटी जब रिश्ते ऐ जान मिले।

इक बार मातमी धुन, सलामी ऐ शान मिले।

हमदर्दी तमग़ा, कभी कुछ कुछ अनुदान मिले

ताउमर उससे कैसे उनका ख़ानदान चले ???


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Valentine versus Vulgarity

Valentine versus Vulgarity

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bacholors and india


Indian politics is corrupt and dirty

Daily a new scam rises on its land

But Indians feel now

India will be safe in two bachelor’s hands

Because bachelors can be good politicians

Free birds of pure intentions

With free mind can bring revolutions

They can give towards country, full attentions

As they have no worries, no family tensions

A lot of time and little needs

Good images and virtuous deeds

No lust, no greed for prosperity

Noble values are their property

No wife to make them crazy

Always seem fresh and fit not lazy

No desire of big savings

All countrymen are their babies

To serve country, they get fun

After money like Laloo, they don’t run

How lucky my great India

Have Atal and Kalam

                                                  A strong union of Rahim and Ram

Namaskaram to Atal

Salam to Kalam

   Atal’s poetry, Kalam’s chemistry

Will certainly change Indian history



                                                               RAJNI VIJAY SINGLA

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